Axtair XXL

Alternating air mattress for patient at risk of pressure ulcer(s) medium to high or with existing pressure ulcer(s) from stage 1 to 4 in contact area according to clinical judgment.
Patient weight capacity: 100 to 270 Kg

    • Mattress composed of 21 cells of 20 cm therapeutic air height and 2 stabilizing borders

    • Specially designed heel cells to ensure maximum pressure relief

    • Transport mode providing 8 hours of autonomy

    • Patented system of automatic and continuous pressure calculation according to patient’s morphology

    • 3 therapeutic modes (dynamic, low pressure and care) and sitting position management

    • Comfort control setting whatever the mode used or the patient’s position to allow optimum comfort without compromising on therapeutic performance.

    • Visual and audible alarms and CPR emergency valve

    • Quick user manual and QR code on the side of the pump
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