Winncare Sustainable development

WINNCARE, a committed and responsible company

Our planet is a unique and precious asset that we learn to respect better day after day.

All our collaborators are committed to contributing to the health and welfare of all as part of an approach based on sustainable development.

Winncare, a French group that, in France and Europe, is a significant manufacturer of medical equipment for hospitals, institutions and homecare.

At the heart of our mission, we place continuous improvement of our products and services to contribute to the wellbeing of populations whilst preserving the beauty of our planet.

Winncare designs, develops, and manufactures all the products it offers. That enables us to innovate in order to always provide the best response to the needs of all stakeholders in the value chain, Patients, Caregivers, and Service Providers, whilst taking account of our social and societal responsibilities.

We measure the impact of our decisions on the success of our business and our partners, as well as on the environment and on society in general. We also work with suppliers who share the same ethical and human rules. We use an approach based on eco-design to develop our products, we ensure that our devices and services comply with current standards and regulations, and we invest in studies showing the effectiveness of our technologies.

We have adopted an eco-conception approaches for the development of our products, including:

Environmental policy of the company, certified ISO 14 001


Eco-design approach :

- Environmental approach (facilitate recycling, dismantling for the end of life, improve the life of products, reduce environmental impacts ...)

- Social approach (working conditions ...)

- Economic approach (improvement of overall performance, increase in value)

For instance, our new range of compressors for our dynamic mattresses allowed an environmental gain at iso-function of 10% in total:

- A surface gain of 25% of the electronic control board of the compressor,

- A reduction in plastic volume of 33%,

- Product construction: Easy assembly (and disassembly), gain of 41%.

The eco-conception methods are deployed within the other developments of the WINNCARE group.