The WINNCARE group works with global (para) medical specialists to develop the most appropriate products for patients and carers.
Groupe IDI

For more than 40 years, IDI has specialised in supporting small and medium-sized businesses. Today, the Group manages more than 4.1 billion assets.

Since its creation, IDI has placed entrepreneurship, innovation and reactivity at the heart of its strategy. These three pillars of action continue to guarantee the Group's success.

IDI is involved in all investment businesses and invests both on its own account and on behalf of third parties. The Group has substantial resources with which to provide long-term support throughout the development of companies in which it invests alongside their managers.  A true growth detector, IDI targets the gems of the future. The Group's objective is to provide these businesses with the human and financial resources with which to accelerate their development, support their growth, help them to overcome challenges and boost their potential.

These aims fit in with IDI's decision to support WINNCARE and its senior management in their development project in France and elsewhere in Europe.
The WINNCARE group is working with specialists in the (para)medical field to develop a range of medical equipment adapted for people in care, the elderly, disabled people and health and social care professionals. Our aim is to improve services and people's quality of care and life by offering efficient and high quality products and services.
WINNCARE's growth strategy in based on three vectors: innovative products, increasing export sales and seeking opportunities for external growth.

Marco de Alfaro, Associate director of IDI, says: "WINNCARE won us over with its positioning in a market with a growing demographic (dependence) and with promising products,  which enable savings to be made, and suffering to be reduced (wound prevention, assistance for patient home care). We were also impressed by the management team which is of the right size to bring, with the support of IDI, a new dimension to the group."

Philippe Chêne, President of WINNCARE, adds: "The management team and myself are proud of the trust that IDI has put in us by investing in WINNCARE, and we are sure that this represents an important step which will enable us to consolidate our leadership on the French market, and very soon elsewhere in Europe, for medical beds and bed sore prevention devices."

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