TritonDual 150

New and improved powered, height adjustable, tilt-in-space shower commode chair
Better working environment and more comfort

• Correct working posture eliminates strain and stress on the caregiver’s back, shoulders and knees.
• With the electrical seat tilt and adjustable backrest, Triton Dual makes it easy for the user to find the most comfortable sitting position.
• The lift height of 40 cm helps both the caregiver and the user.
• The height adjustment allows an optimal positioning of the chair, ensuring a correct working posture for the care giver.
• For the user, the height adjustment means increased independence; it is possible to adjust the chair, so the user can reach the sink and look in the mirror - thereby the user can help take care of his own personal hygiene.

    • Powered height adjustment (Soft Start/Stop).

    • Powered tilt function ( 7° / -30°) and adjustable backrest for more comfort and user stability.

    • IPx6W rated: Can be cleaned in washing machines up to 250 times due to LINAK IPX6 Washable DURA™ (50 washes is standard).

    • Developed from the Easy-Clean principle, which means there are no small corners or edges. The chair has closed screws/joinings and fully welded steel, which prevents water from entering the pipes. It is also treated with double coating which makes it rust resistant.

    • Dual Security Function (it cannot be raised and tilted forward simultaneously)

    • Transport function via the hand control for safe transportation of the user.

    • Two programmable memory buttons on the hand control for automatic positioning and adjustment.

    • Multi adjustable headrest with integrated rod which does not scratch or damage the wall behind the toilet

    • Fits over all standard toilets and suitable for use in the shower
Data sheet (29-06-2022)
Quick Guide (02-05-2019)
Accessories (21-02-2023)
Instructions for use (29-04-2020)
EU declaration of conformity (26-05-2021)
Product Catalogue (29-09-2022)
Reference 044-00051
HMI 109902
Weight 41 kg
Width 570 mm
Height 880-1050 mm
Angle of tilt -30 - +7
Seat height 535-950 mm
Seat depth 430 mm
Weight capacity 150 kg
Distance between armrests 470 mm
Emergency stop Yes
Height adjustment Electric
Ingress Protection Marking IPx6W
Charging time 6 h
Color Grey - Black