Universal Comfort with headsupport - Disposable

Non-woven disposable full sling with extra support for legs and pelvis.
Available with or without head support.

    • The sling provides good support of the body and stabilizes the pelvis, supporting the upper body and giving the user a feeling of comfort and safety.

    • The leg straps have a large padded surface, which reduces the pressure on the entire femur.

    • The sling ensures a good upright posture that facilitates the positioning of the user.

    • The sling is made from non-woven material.

    • Available with or without head support.
Data sheet (22-10-2020)
Instructions for use (16-07-2021)
EU declaration of conformity (08-10-2021)
Sling Catalog (22-09-2021)
Product Catalogue (29-09-2022)
Declaration of Compatibility (28-03-2022)
Reference 008-04114 008-04115 008-04116
Size M S L
HMI 110065 110068 110071
Sling type Helsejl Helsejl Helsejl
Lift capacity 275 kg 275 kg 275 kg
Material Non-woven polyester Non-woven polyester Non-woven polyester
Washing Do not wash Do not wash Do not wash
Color Blue Blue Blue
Sling per box 10 10 10