Universal Amputee

The amputee sling is used for persons with single or double leg amputation. It provides a good support of the body and stabilizes the pelvis, for a stabile and safe experience for the user. The amputee sling ensures an upright sitting position, that contributes to an easy and correct positioning of the user. With this sling it is possible to both transfering from a sitting and lying position. For an easier fitting when the user is in a sitting position, there is a pocket located on the back, and two handles on the side of the pocket to help the carer moving the patient.
The amputee sling has a distictive leg strap solution, which means that the straps are not crossed. Further, it has a large and padded surface, that reduces the pressure of the entire femur. The sling also comes with an extra soft cuff that can be fastened around the amputated leg.

Material and why it is good

The amputee sling is available with and without head support.

    • Usability: For users with one or two legs amputated.

    • Function: Transfering the user with mobile or stationary hoist.

    • Lift to and from: A lying or sitting position in a bed to a sitting position in a wheelchair or shower chair.

    • Compatibility: 2-point, 3-point and 4-point spreader bar, Luna ceiling lift, Ergolet mobile hoists.
Product Sheet - Universal Amputee (01-03-2023)
Instructions for use (16-07-2021)
EU declaration of conformity (27-05-2021)
Product Catalogue (29-09-2022)
Sling Catalog (22-09-2021)
Declaration of Compatibility (28-03-2022)
Reference 009-09743 009-09744 009-09745 009-09746 009-09747 009-09748
HMI 84992 84993 84994 84995 84996 84997
Sling type Helsejl Helsejl Helsejl Helsejl Helsejl Helsejl
Lift capacity 275 kg 275 kg 275 kg 275 kg 400 kg 400 kg
Material Polyester Polyester Polyester Polyester Polyester Polyester
Washing temperature 85°C 85°C 85°C 85°C 85°C 85°C
Drying temperature 55°C 55°C 55°C 55°C 55°C 55°C
Color Gray / Blue Gray / Blue Gray / Blue Gray / Blue Gray / Blue Gray / Blue